City Vision Institute

Lesson 4. Discussion Questions and Assignments

Lesson 4. Live Discussion Questions

These questions are intended to be used to lead a live session at your organization. Clients should come having read the material prepared to answer the questions below. You may also want to use some of the online discussion questions as well as the assignment discussion questions in your live discussion. 

Chapter 5. Enhancing Your Personal Time with God

  1. The chapter lists reasons 15 previous students gave when asked the question “Why does a person in ministry need a personal time with God.”  How would you answer this question: Why is it a good thing to have daily reading of Scripture?
  2. Can you give a Scripture proof of your answer to question #1?
  3. How do I best get direction from reading of Scripture?
  4. What has been the best plan you have experienced to have a daily time in Scripture?

Chapter 10 My Attitude Sticks

  1. How do you define a bad attitude?
  2. What is the most frequent challenge happening at the point you find yourself moving into a negative attitude? (What is going on when you start to move into stinking thinking?)
    1. Examples:  Frustration? Annoyance? Self pity? 
  3. What is the result of engaging in a bad attitude?
  4. What can you do when you are experiencing a bad attitude?
  5. What should you do when you are around a person exhibiting a bad attitude?
  6. What is a verse you tell yourself to keep yourself on the path of thinking clearly and godly?

Lesson 4. Online Discussions

If you are using this material to facilitate live group discussions, then these questions can be used as a guide. 

If you would like to receive credit for this course, then submit a 400-word response for each discussion group of questions (i.e. Lesson 1. Discussion 1). You do not need to submit 400 words for each question, but for each group of questions. If responding to a live meeting discussion, then share written work as you would in a live meeting.

Lesson 4. Discussion 1. Negative/Critical Thoughts vs. God’s Thoughts

Based on the readings this week, write a post giving the value of and instruction on how to replace negative and critical thoughts with more productive ones for either yourself or the clients with whom you work. How does this help you balance grace and truth?

Lesson 4. Assignments

Lesson 4. Assignment 1: Daily Quiet Time

Read the resources listed in the week four lesson and write a one-page paper on how to have a daily quiet time that prepares you for ministry. Reflect on times when you did this that was most helpful and use that to make specific suggestions on specific steps to have fruitful quite times in the future.

Lesson 4. Assignment 2: Action and Reflection Assignment on Scripture & Church

Write a one-page paper sharing what you have gained in this past weeks’ time in the Scripture and/or church attendance and how it may affect your daily perspective.