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Human Resources for Nonprofit and Ministry Managers

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Course Description

The goal of this course is to prepare a nonprofit manager with effective human resources tools, policies and processes. The course is focused around the student developing human resources tools at each stage of an employee’s life cycle: hiring, onboarding, training, employee evaluations, corrective action and employee separation. The course centers around building components of the final project – a nonprofit manager’s employee supervision toolkit & manual.

This course is intended to be used by organizations to help train new managers in best practices to avoid any potential legal issues for HR. The intent is that this free module could be assigned as professional development as part of a “new manager training” to complement any training being done by the organization.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Outline an organization’s hiring process.
  2. Develop key documents needed in hiring including job postings, job descriptions and interview script and scoring.
  3. Develop a plan to onboard and train new employees.
  4. Write a sample performance evaluation of an employee using best practices.
  5. Apply best practices of managing difficult staff members and develop a corrective action plan and separation plan for a sample employee.
  6. Evaluate an employee manual to ensure that it follows best practices and addresses key legal issues.
  7. Review a volunteer program to identify processes and best practices.
  8. Create a nonprofit manager’s employee supervision toolkit manual synthesizing practical human resources tools.


Self-Paced or Group Facilitated

This course is designed so that students can go through it individually on their own, or go through it as a group facilitated by any group leader. The Guide for Group Leaders & Live Discussions provides suggestions for discussion topics for those going through as a group. The group leader may also choose to assign some of the items in the Student Assignment Workbook as "homework" to do between meetings.

Students that wish to advance their learning may find it helpful to go through the assignments in the above workbook.

Course Content

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