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Cross-Cultural Management and Ministry

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Course Description

This course provides a toolkit for those working in cross-cultural environments. Topics include: cultural intelligence, ethnic identity, social class, cultural dimensions, indigenous leadership development, organizational culture and organizational cross-cultural assessment and strategic planning. The course centers around a final project where you will develop: 1) a personal cross-cultural leadership growth plan, 2) a cross-cultural organizational assessment, and 3) a cross-cultural strategic plan for your organization.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe culture, cultural intelligence and principles of cross-cultural ministry.
  2. Describe your own cultural journey in terms of ethnic identity development and social class.
  3. Assess the cultural dimensions of yourself, your organization and your clients to develop strategies to serve as a bridge-builder.
  4. Develop a personal cross-cultural assessment and leadership growth plan.
  5. Assess your organization’s culture and your cultural management profile using the Competing Values Framework.
  6. Conduct demographic analysis of your organization’s outcomes and  stakeholders.
  7. Develop a comprehensive cross-cultural assessment and strategic plan for your organization.

Self-Paced or Group-Facilitated

This course is designed so that students can go through it individually on their own, or go through it as a group facilitated by any group leader. The Guide for Group Leaders & Live Discussions provides suggestions for discussion topics for those going through as a group. The group leader may also choose to assign some of the items in the Student Assignment Workbook as "homework" to do between meetings.

Students that wish to advance their learning may find it helpful to go through the assignments in the above workbook.

Course Content

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