City Vision Institute

Lesson 1. Discussion Questions and Assignments

Lesson 1. Live Discussion Questions

These questions are intended to be used to lead a live session at your organization. Clients should come having read the material prepared to answer the questions below. You may also want to use some of the online discussion questions as well as the assignment discussion questions in your live discussion. If your ministry does not consider itself a “rescue mission,” then substitute the words “rescue mission” with “Christian ministry serving the homeless and addicted” (or whatever fits your context).  

Chapter 1. The Purpose and Characteristics of Rescue Missions

  1. What do you say to a community person about the value of the Rescue Ministry?
  2. What do you say to a client about the value of being at the rescue mission? 
  3. What makes the Rescue Ministry different from the social service organizations in your town? 
  4. What do you believe is one very important characteristic necessary in a person who wants to work at a rescue ministry? 
  5. How did God get your attention to participate in Rescue and what job did you have when you started?

Chapter 22. When Helping is Actually Hurting

  1. This is a long chapter.  There are many differences of opinion regarding this topic.  Pick one paragraph and come prepared to share your opinion about the information in that paragraph.
  2. Think through your experiences with the folks coming to your mission.  When they ask you to do something “for” them, how can you change that to doing something “with” them?
  3. After reading the chapter, what is your definition of
    1. “helping”
    2. “need”

Lesson 1. Online Discussions

If you are using this material to facilitate live group discussions, then these questions can be used as a guide. 

If you would like to receive credit for this course, then submit a 400-word response for each discussion group of questions (i.e. Lesson 1. Discussion 1). You do not need to submit 400 words for each question, but for each group of questions.

Lesson 1. Discussion 1. How to Help Homeless People

Share your views on what you believe is the best way to help homeless people. While every individual might have different circumstances, what are some of the key principles you would apply?

Lesson 1. Assignments

Lesson 1. Assignment 1: Organization Values Paper

Review the mission, vision and values of at least 6 organizations and write a one-page paper on similarities observed and what particular aspects you are drawn to.

Note: unless otherwise specified, all papers should be double-spaced with one inch margins. 

Lesson 1: Assignment 2: Life Track Reflection Paper

Write a one page paper describing the various ways you yourself attempted to get your life on track, which  worked for you and why.