City Vision Institute

Lesson 12: Discussion and Assignment

Lesson 12. Live Discussion Questions

These questions are intended to be used to lead a live session at your organization. Clients should come having read the material prepared to answer the questions below. You may also want to use some of the online discussion questions as well as the assignment discussion questions in your live discussion.  

Chapter 27. The Accountability Issue

  1. Discuss what you learned from this chapter and how it might apply in your context.

Chapter 29. Recognizing the Value of Resistance

Resistance – forces that work against each other, push back, “non-compliant behavior is seen as resistance”

  1. Why don’t we like resistance in clients?
  2. Why do clients resist?
  3. Why is resistance a valuable observance?

One good reason for resistance is the desire for your clients to have some critical thinking skills, so they will not accept everything that is said to them from sources that will offer them lies.

  1. How can you use resistance in a productive way?
  2. How can you apply this verse in your context when facing clients with resistance: I Thessalonians 5:14, We urge you brethren, warn those who are idle, encourage the timid, help the weak, be patient with everyone.

Lesson 12. Online Discussions

If you are using this material to facilitate live group discussions, then these questions can be used as a guide. 

If you would like to receive credit for this course, then submit a 400-word response for each discussion group of questions (i.e. Lesson 1. Discussion 1). You do not need to submit 400 words for each question, but for each group of questions. If responding to a live meeting discussion, then share written work as you would in a live meeting.

Lesson 12. Forum 1: Change Resistance

Give your best analysis of why the people you serve sometimes resist change and what you have discovered as potential ways you can help them get redirected.

Lesson 12. Assignments

Lesson 12. Assignment 1. Accountability

After reading the textbook assignment and the PDFs, and listening to the videos, write a two-page paper (minimum of 600 words) discussing the need for accountability among the people you serve and how staff can help to facilitate this. Include some of the reasons for resistance to accountability that you are encountered.

Lesson 12. Assignment 2. Journal Entry

In this course you are required to keep a journal. In your journal, you should cover the following things:

  1. Reflect on how the concepts from this week and the rest of this course have applied in your personal and professional life.
  2. What are the primary areas where you believe God wants you to grow this next week, and what specific steps will you take toward that growth?
  3. Reflect on your past week in general. Variations of your entry may include describing how you have been blessed in the past week with either opportunities to see God’s grace, suggestions from a supervisor or fellow staff person, things that happened that you wish you could have a redo, or insights you gained for future work.
  4. You are required to have biweekly meetings with a mentor. For weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 of this course write down the meeting date, and what you learned from your mentoring session.

Although there is no word count requirement for this assignment, a minimum of 250 words is encouraged (one double-spaced page).