Important Course Resources

Throughout this course, you will be reading Called to Serve: Servant Leadership Jesus Style, by Lorraine Minor. If you prefer you may download the full book PDF here instead of using the individual chapter links below and in other lessons.

Steps to Receive University Credit

Students who wish to take this course for free and later receive credit with City Vision University can take the following steps:

  1. Apply for free to City Vision University (takes less than 5 minutes).
  2. Pay the $100 tuition for the course. This tuition rate includes a $700 scholarship ($650 undergrad) since graduate tuition is regularly $800 ($750 undergrad). This scholarship only applies to first-time students, not to existing City Vision students. This scholarship applies only to City Vision’s non-federal aid courses.
  3. Choose an option for credit:
    a. Independent Study (start dates any time). You can submit your completed student assignment workbook to have your assignments graded for credit. This workbook is provided in the course. Advantage: can start at any time and work at your own pace.
    b. 8-Week Course Online with Faculty & Student Cohort (typically one start date per year in schedule). You can use whatever progress you’ve made in the free course to help jump-start you in our regular online course. Advantages: 1) students have a higher completion rate with the support of faculty and benefit from interaction with other students in discussions; 2) students choosing this option may qualify for Pell grants, which often more than pay the cost of tuition.



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