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Lesson 2. Discussion Questions and Assignments

Lesson 2. Live Discussion Questions

These questions are intended to be used to lead a live session at your organization. Clients should come having read the material prepared to answer the questions below. You may also want to use some of the online discussion questions as well as the assignment discussion questions in your live discussion. 

Chapter 11. Using Failure Productively Discussion Guide

  1. What have you gained from making a mistake in your past?
  2. What Christian characteristic is necessary in order to utilize mistakes in a productive way?
  3. What are some reasons why people get bent out of shape about other people’s mistakes?
  4. Not all mistakes are sin.  How do you tell the difference?
  5. What person in the Scripture seemed to be a failure but God made something good of their life?
  6. What verse is meaningful to you to help you see making mistakes or failure in a useful light?
  7. What do you share with a person who is very angry about a mistake they have just made?
  8. If you are supervising a client and they make a mistake that costs you time and energy, how do you respond?

Chapter 12. Turning Frustration into Godly Challenge

  1. What is a common reason for frustration?
  2. What is probably God’s perspective regarding the things that frustrate me?
  3. When is frustration appropriate?
  4. What is the difference between righteous anger and unrighteous anger?
  5. How do you express frustration toward others in a loving graceful way?
  6. How is the way I deal with frustration affected by how I deal with my view of my own failures?
  7. How does a ministry staffer deal with frustration when a client you have tried to help messes up?

Lesson 2. Online Discussions

If you are using this material to facilitate live group discussions, then these questions can be used as a guide. 

If you would like to receive credit for this course, then submit a 400-word response for each discussion group of questions (i.e. Lesson 1. Discussion 1). You do not need to submit 400 words for each question, but for each group of questions. If responding to a live meeting discussion, then share written work as you would in a live meeting.

Lesson 2. Discussion 1. Entitlement Thinking

Share what you have realized about your own entitlement thinking.

Lesson 2. Assignments

Lesson 2. Assignment 1. Potential Effect of Worldview

After reading the materials assigned for this week, write a one-page paper on the potential effect of worldview on the way a person serves clients.

Lesson 2. Assignment 2. Biblical Perspective on Failure

After reading assigned resources, write a one-page paper on how your own attitude of failure and disappointment fits the biblical perspective.