How Urban Ministries Might Respond to Critical Race Theory, Citygate Network National Conference, Sept. 2021

In the past few years, Critical Race Theory has emerged as a controversial issue. Some ministries haveĀ  embraced it as essential to respond to demographic changes happening in the communities they serve. Others have viewed it as something to be avoided in its entirety as a secularization threat. Still others have learned from aspects of it, while rejecting parts that are inconsistent with the Gospel. This workshop explores this topic to help you think about how your ministry might respond. Presentation Slides.

Organizational Culture and the Next Generations of Leaders, Citygate Network CEO Summit, June 2021

Many nonprofits and ministries are in the process of a generational change from organizations led and funded by the Baby Boomer generation to those led by Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z. This workshop will explore how to remain true to your mission while developing an organizational culture that is more centered around the culture of younger generations–by someone involved in educating the next generation of leaders in life transformative ministries like yours. Presentation Slides.



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